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Metcalf Elementary School Library: PSA Assignment

30 Nooseneck Hill Rd. Exeter, RI 02822. 401-397-3375

Digital Citizenship Resources

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Digital Citizenship PSA Assignment

  1. You will create a 30 second PSA about a digital citizenship topic of your choice
  2. You can work independently or with ONE other person. 
  3. You must cite all of your sources using BibMe.  This means that must correctly cite any resource you used for your research, as well as any website, video, photograph, image or music you use in your video. You cannot use copyrighted music for your video.

Possible topics:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright
  • Internet scams
  • Website evaluation (CAARP)
  • Online tracking
  • Phishing
  • Spoofing
  • What to post and not to post (from health class)
  • Avoiding the risks of the internet (from health class)
  • A topic you propose to me and I approve

You will be graded on the following (rubric forthcoming):

  • Visual Appeal

  • Connection to Content

  • Content Delivery

  • Appropriate Audio

  • Sources Cited

PSA Assignment Timeline

  1. Select topic (week of April 30)
  2. Select individual or partner work (week of April 30)
  3. Research selected topic (week of April 30 and May 7) 
  4. Script work (completed by end of week May 7)
  5. Image collection (end of week May 14)
  6. Video production and editing (weeks of May 14, 21 and 28, June 4 )
  7. Viewing for feedback (ongoing)
  8. Works cited finalized (week of May 28 / June 4)
  9. Posting for public viewing (week of June 11)

Student-Created PSAs

PSA Guidelines

  • A good PSA is relevant to its target audience. Know your audience’s demographics. Use music, words and images that the target audience can relate to. You are creating your video for other sixth grade students to see.  

  • A good PSA is informative.  Develop one thought, one objective and stick to it. Try not to send too many messages or cram too much copy into the piece. It will only confuse the viewer.

  • A good PSA is memorable.  Every year we see some of the most creative ads during the Superbowl. However, many of us are unable to recall what product the ads were trying to promote.

  • A good PSA entices viewers to take action.  Tell your audience what they can do to get involved.  Or tell them what specifically to do, or NOT to do.


*Special thanks to Art Searle for sharing his video production class information for the purpose of this project: