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Metcalf Elementary School Library: 2019 Rooster Games

30 Nooseneck Hill Rd. Exeter, RI 02822. 401-397-3375

Rooster Games Requirements

  • Students in grade 5 must read and journal 9 of the Rooster Games books in order to participate in the Rooster Games.
  • Students in grades 3 and 4 must read and journal 7 of the Rooster Games books in order to participate in the Rooster Games.

As you read the Rooster Games books, complete your journal using this online form. This form will automatically be shared with Mrs. Steever, Library Teacher. Journals must be completed by the end of March in order to participate in the Rooster Games April 2019.

Past RICBA Winners

The 2018 RICBA winning book was 

Image result for wish by barbara o'connor scholastic

The 2017 RICBA winning book was

Image result for raina telgemeier books

The 2016 RICBA winning book was

The 2015 RICBA winning book was 

Image result for mr lemoncello's library

The 2014 RICBA winning book was

Cover Art

The 2013 winning book was

The 2012 winning book was

RICBA Nominees 2019

Please remember that not all books are appropriate for all children.  Children and their parents should always make the decisions about what meets their interest and reading level.  The book annotations below are courtesy of the book publishers and may have been truncated for space.

All book summaries courtesy of RICBA committee members and Follett.


These resources have been curated by Michelle Steever, Metcalf School Librarian.  Book annotations and book trailers are courtesy of book publishers and have been truncated for space. Rhode Island Children's Book Award logo used with permission by RICBA committee.