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Park View Middle School: RILINK

Every book a reader, every reader a book.


What can I do with LG?

LibGuides are a great way to...

  • Curate material
  • Have a "parking lot" for stored information
  • Replace a library website in favor of a more content rich tool
  • Maintain staff contact
  • Create a mobile friendly interface
  • Reuse content-- why "reinvent the wheel?" (ex., RITBA, RICBA, KRARI)
  • Highlight specific resources
  • Teach information literacy and use of reliable sources
  • Create a school website (check out some great examples here).



Lesson Plans

Google Forms

Embed videos, survey

Scheduling functionality

Reader's Advisory 

Twitter Feed

Parent Resources

Calendar/Promotional Tool

Reminder for kids to go to certain sources (paid databases!)

Google Doc Embedding (keeps it current! No more uploading!)


Great examples of LibGuides in Use

From Park View's LibGuide: - For the first time, CPS used a LibGuide as a means for the middle school summer reading reading list and assignment. It was much more efficient than printing 8-9 pages per student (saving an astounding 15,000 sheets of paper). - This page reaches out to the community at large, showing resources each month and reminding families we are an integral part of the school.
Collaborative Projects with ELA/SS (including a research paper).
From Heidi Blais at Cranston East: - This is the first page that I made that uses a box at the top of the page that spans across the three columns.  I also used a table for the suggested authors, and I think that it lines everything up very nicely.  (there is also the CPS version of this page as well). - This page was made by Allison Barker.  I often think of our LibGuides as "One Stop Shopping", and this page did a great job of providing beginner ESL students with everything they needed for their research project.  I like her use of the tabbed box, and the embedded tutorials and sample project.  Allison was so thorough and the students did an amazing job with their research thanks to her instruction. - This page uses the Room Bookings component of LibCal.  With our Libguides subscription, we are able to set up room bookings for three rooms.  I set this up so that teachers could schedule the CHSE computer labs without having to physically visit each lab to check availability (there used to be a signup clipboard in each lab).  This has worked really well and has made the signup process much more efficient.  Thought I'd include this page in the list since there was a recent discussion on the SLRI listserv about online bookings.  I don't schedule the library using this since I want to discuss the collaboration with the teacher, but it works great for booking the computer labs. - This is a page I have used several times for career projects.  I especially like the links to the interest inventories, and my favorite is the "What Were You Born To Do?".  It's surprisingly accurate! - I use this page many, many times throughout the year as well. I often do a whole period lesson on plagiarism before a class will start a long-term research project.  The pre-test is very well done and the kids are amazed at what constitutes plagiarism.  They also find the real plagiarism policies from local colleges to be eye opening.