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Tiverton High School Library: Teachers' Page

Tech Gadgets!

The THS Library offers a variety of solutions for all your projection needs!  


Adapter: USB C to VGA 
(Connects chromebooks to projector cable)

Multiport USB C adapter:  Inputs for standard USB,
HDMI, USB C, SD Cards. Plugs into USB C on 


Lightning to VGA (iphones to projector)


Adapter: HDMI to VGA
(Connects any HDMI device (DVD players, laptops, etc. to projector cable)

Other tech gadgets available:

DVD player with HDMI input , 
Blu-Ray player with HDMI input
need adapters or HDMI cable to project--
Library has these!)

30pin to VGA (ipads and super old phones to projector)




DVD to USB external drive. Plugs into
Chromebooks. Good for data...a little 
quirky with DVD movies (need VLC extension).

Lessons and Links

Electronics Recycling

If you have electronics junk piling up, consider recycling!  Check out IndieCycle and where they'll be picking up items around RI. 

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