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Washington Oak School Library: E-Books

eBooks at Washington Oak

Log in to access over 300 eBooks you can read on your computer, tablet, or phone. 

User name: CWS and then your lunch number (6 digits: put 00 in front if number is 4 digits)

Password: 6 digit birth date (Ex. January 1, 2019 = 010119) 

Big Timber

Big Timber Media

Early Literacy, Fiction & Nonfiction

Explore sports, geography, animals, biographies, careers and more


Directions for eBooks


Directions for downloading eBooks to a device

Directions for downloading Audiobooks to a device

International Childrens Library




The ICDL is a rich resource which can be used in a wonderfully wide range of situations by children, parents, teachers, librarians and others from all walks of life.  Children can expand upon the stories to create games; parents can extract themes to help explain important lessons; teachers can utilize the multicultural nature of the collection to teach languages; librarians can enrich community outreach programs with tales from around the world and; of course, anyone can just open a book to read for pleasure.

Epic! eBooks and Audio Books

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Class Code: uum8934

TumbleBooks: eBooks and Audio Books

Username: ritumbles

Password: trial


Username: ritumbles

Password: trial

Capstone Interactive Books

Username: continue

Password: reading

Adapted Books Online

Adapted Books Provide Literacy for Everyone!

Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities at Rhode Island College

Resources to help students with disabilities participate in the general curriculum.