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Western Hills Middle School Library: Decades

Student Directions

Student Directions


This project should provide the audience with an overall idea of what happened during that decade and what it would be like to live during that time period.



1.) Multimedia presentation using one of the following: Adobe Spark, Google Slides, Animoto, etc.  

-Be sure to include maps, graphs, photographs or other visuals to illustrate information about the time.


      Presentation should be an interactive, “lived experience”. For example, dress for your decade (extra credit)


Project requirements:

1. At least 3 different sources (internet; book; textbook) are used for researching the decade

2. All group members must partake in researching and putting the project together – it must be identified who was responsible for what on the back of each person’s works cited page.

3. The presentation must be accessible through a google account for presentations

4. Each person needs to hand in a printed MLA formatted works cited for their topic. or or‚Äč are helpful for this.

Presentation must include information about the following:

A. Music/Entertainment/Recreation/Leisure/Sports

B. US historical events

C. Fashion/Clothing/Hairstyles (men and women)

D. Inventions/Technology





U.S. historical events

Fashion/Clothing/Hairstyle (men and women)