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Edward R. Martin Middle School Library: Multicultural Lessons and Literature

Lesson Plans and Activities

My Multicultural Self

A lesson on resolving conflict and being culturally aware.

Activities for Newcomers - From Everything ESL

Activity-based tips to help English language learners who are new to your classroom. Related links include: Establishing an Atmosphere of Acceptance, Help Your Newcomers Develop Pride in Their Heritage, and Pair Your Newcomers with Buddies.

Heritage Teaching Resources From Smithsonian

Immigration The New Americans - From PBS

Based on the PBS Independent Lens mini-series, this site offers lesson plans for grades 7 through 12 on issues surrounding immigration.

Teaching Tolerance

This site offers classroom activities for all grade levels and subjects. Topics are inclusive and diverse, ranging from African American history to the truth about Islam, and from bullying gay students to debunking myths regarding immigration.

Learning to Respect Differences Through Cultural Diversity

A multicultural literature-based thematic unit. "Through books representing the following cultures: African-American in Sounder, Hispanic in Poems Across the Pavement, Japanese in Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and Jewish in The Hiding Place, I hope to establish an appreciation and pride in my own students for their cultures and a respect for people of other cultures with which they are not familiar."

Authors of Multicultural Literature


21 Multicultural Middle Grade Novels                                       

Culturally Diverse Books                            

25 Diversity Authors and Illustrators                                                                   


Multicultural Fiction in the Library