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10 Honors Research Paper Assignment: Home


Step 1: What do you already think or know? - Write down your hunches, thoughts, and arguments that you already know or think. They might be based on the book you read or other general information you've learned. 

Step 2: Researching browsing- Look-up your topic on Google, Wikipedia, or social media. Feel out where there is more meat in your topic to delve into. What are the keywords, key people, and organizations that you notice? Write them down for when you delve deeper into the next step. NOTE: None of the sources used in this step will be a final source for your paper. 

Step 3: Take the keywords, key people, and organizations you learned about from step 2, and use them as your searches in more reputable sources. Places to check: 

  1. Encyclopedias 
  2. Database
  3. .org or .gov or .edu
  4. Google and look at non-CRAP websites 

Step 4: How does the information from the reputable sources reinforce your ideas and general knowledge from step 1? Is your research telling you something different than you though? That's okay- follow where your research takes you. Work smarter, not harder.

Step 5: Keep track of your sources for your bibliography.