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BWEF Engineering Excitement: BWEF Engineering Excitement

Engineering Excitement at Guiteras School Is Generously Funded by Bristol Warren Education Foundation.

The goal of this project is to expose all students to engineering in a hands-on way.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in engineering explorations and to meet engineers from the community.

The project’s objective is to ENCOURAGE TINKERING, PLAY AND OPEN-ENDED EXPLORATION for all, which simulates real life experiences for inquiry.

Special Thanks to Former Guiteras Principal Sonya Whipp, who for applied for and received the grant from BWEF.


RIMOSA Programs

RI Museum of Science and Art

RIMOSA Educators provided two programs for all Guiteras students.


Andy Goldsworthy Nature Inspired Art

Observe the unique way in which artist Andy Goldsworthy uses the natural environment – and ONLY the natural environment- to build deceptively simple works of engineering art.  Use natural materials to construct Goldsworthy inspired sculptures.  Weather permitting, this class will be held outdoors. Weather not permitting, it can be held indoors.

Rube Goldberg Marble Roller Coaster

Learn about the wonderfully inventive cartoon creations of Rube Goldberg and the real “Rube Goldberg machines” they inspire.  Explore the connection between potential and kinetic energy by using tubes, tape and other house hold materials to create creative marble “roller coasters”.  Send marbles on loop-the-loops, spirals and more in attempts to have the marble travel through over 6 feet of tubing and then – at the end of its journey –start another reaction in the spirit of Rube Goldberg.

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Teacher-Librarian Ms. Galipeau

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