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Grade 2 States: Home

Let's learn about a state!

What Do I Need To Find?

Choose a state and look for the following information:

* the state flower

* the state flag

* an interesting fact about your state

* an outline map


Draw carefully and use the colors that are pictured.

Map Outline

Find an outline map of your state.  Ask Mrs. Gaiewski before you print.


State Flag

 Every state has its own flag.  The colors and symbols have been carefully chosen to represent the state.


 Find your state flag.  

What are its colors?  

What do the symbols represent?  

Draw the flag to fill your paper.  Be careful when coloring.


State Flower

Did you know that every state has an official state flower?  

The state flower of Rhode Island is the Wild Violet.  It grows throughout the state and blooms in the spring.


Use the site below to find your state's flower.  Write its name.  Be sure to spell it correctly!  

Draw the flower to fill your paper.

World Book Student


Interesting Fact

There is so much information to discover about each state.  

We can read about its geography -  the landforms and waterways, the capitol and cities, the climate and weather.  

We can learn about its history and famous people.

We can learn about special places to visit and things to do if we visit the state.  

Read about your state to find an interesting fact you'd like to share.  Write your interesting fact.