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Grade 5 Planets: Home

Welcome to the Year of the Solar System. As you embark on your research journey to your planet, use a variety of print and nonprint sources. Be sure to check the copyright date for the most up-to-date information.

Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about your planet in our solar system.  Be sure to use your graphic organizer to find the following information:

  • Planet Name
  • Symbol
  • Distance from the Sun in MIles
  • Two nearest neighbors
  • Moons
  • Period of Revolution around the Sun (in Earth Years)
  • Atmosphere (weather, clouds, storms, etc.)
  • Surface (hills, valleys, craters, mountains, etc.)
  • Temperature range
  • Inner Planet of Outer Planet
  • Terrestrial Planet or Gas Giant
  • Your weight on Earth and on your planet
  • Other interesting facts

Books from Our Catalog

Look for planet books in 523. 3, 523.4 and 525 in the E-Nonfiction and Nonfiction sections of our library.  Use our library catalog to locate your subject.  Here's a few titles to get you started.


The book descriptions on this page are provided by the Follett Catalog Software Company.

Our Solar System


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