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Columbus, Natives & Spain: Assignmnt

Mrs. Clyde's Social Studies Classes- Journal Writing Project

Journal Writing Project: Columbus, Natives & Spain

You will be creating  a journal from the view point of: 

  • Columbus or a member of Columbus' crew 
  • A member of the Tainos native group 
  • A citizen of Spain hearing of Columbus' voyages and discoveries 

Your journal will consist of: 

An introduction entry- 

  • Describe where they are from 
  • Depict life in their city, tribe, village: create a setting
  • Expain how they make their livelihood using details about their job (if native, what their role in the tribe is) 
  • Describe your family 
  • Use vocabulary and syntax of the period as much as possible 
  • a drawing of your entry 

3 Entries- 

The Beginnings- 

  • as a Spaniard- you hear news of Columbus' proposed voyage, what you think of it, what are your hopes about what the voyage means for you and Spain
  • as a crewmember or Columbus- you are chosen to make this journey; how are you feeling about it, what are your hopes and dreams for yourself, what do you have to loose if you don't succeed
  • as a Native- what is your first encounter like with Columbus, his crew or seeing the ships; what re your feelings 
  • include Dates that correlate with events 
  • a drawing of your entry