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Animate and Create: Students Make Learning Visible By Making Short Films

An Introduction...

In October 2017, Guiteras Library applied for and received a Carter Spark Grant.  The Carter Spark Grant was made possible through the generosity of Letitia and the late John Carter.

The Carter Spark Grant was used to bring the Rhode Island Museum Of Science and Art’s Stop-Motion Animation program as an introduction to the art form to the third-graders and fourth-graders of Guiteras School. All Grade 3 and 4 students used the “4Cs” - collaboration, communication, critical thinking
and creativity - as they worked in small groups to make their own stop-motion film using found objects.  RIMOSA’s trained facilitators guided analysis of professional and amateur stop-motion animation examples.  RIMOSA also provided all necessary materials from iPods pre-loaded with animation software to a variety of found objects for the students to use in their animations.  During the time with RIMOSA, the students activated prior knowledge based on their Media Literacy unit of study’s Key Questions of Media Literacy." The stop-motion animations amplified written knowledge and ideas in a visual form.

Teacher-Librarian Ms. Galipeau

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Nicole Galipeau
525 Child Street, Warren, RI 02885