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Student Survey

Student Survey Results!

Students voted on the Tangelwood Marionette performance they would like to see next school year. 

Ms. Galipeau will work to secure funding in order to have another performance by Tanglewood Marionettes.


Perseus and Medusa = 61%

Cinderella = 14%

Hansel and Gretel = 9%

Fairy Circus = 7%

Sleeping Beauty = 5%

An Arabian Adventure = 4%

 You can see descriptions of the shows at

Student Work - K

Student Work - 2

Summary of Student Work Projects

All students read and discussed the Dragon King story synopsis that was the basis for the Tanglewood Marionettes' performance.  Each grade level had a different focus for their discussion based upon that grade level's Common Core standards.

The performance of the "Dragon King" is designed, created and performed

by Tanglewood Marionettes

The performance was kindly funded by Bristol Warren Education Foundation.

Each grade level also had a variety of choices to create a reflection project:

  • use a combination of drawing and writing to explain your a character, setting, puppet, scene from the performance
  • Eastern and Western Dragon Claim Game (research the difference between Eastern and Western dragons in mythology, create a dragon, form a small group, share the picture of your dragon, make a claim - "It's a Western Dragon", support with text and illustration evidence (It's a Western Dragon because ..."), and check each other's claims and evidence
  • Making Connections: What are the connections between the "Dragon King" story and performance and Grace Lin's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
  • Close Read Story Board: Use Close Read strategies to analyze a scene from the Dragon King; illustrate the scene in a story board format (just like the puppeteers did)
  • Make Your Own Connection: Explain a self-to-performance connection
  • Dramatic Arts - Use the activities to create your cwn character and script for a mini-performance

Student Work - 3

Student Work - 4

Student Work - 1

Student Work - 5