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East Greenwich High School - Shaw: 2020 Activist Project - Period 1

Activist Slide Presentations - Shaw Period 1

‚ÄčTo view Google Slides presentations on your device, click on FULL-SCREEN tool Full Screen tool on the slide tool bar.

Muhammad Ali created by Mir Demirel

Greta Thunberg Environmental Activist created by Mitchell Chernick

John Muir created by Leo Kaldor

Dietrich Bonhoeffer created by Cole O’Brien

Marian Wright Edelman created by Bobby Sloan

Muhammad Ali created by Cael Dunwoody

Magazine Article Activist Project

Megan Rapinoe written by Madison Hinrichs

Poster Activist Projects - Shaw Period 1

Infographics - Shaw Period 1

Jazz Jennings created by River Doumato

Gloria Steinem created by William Carroll

Activist Infographics - Shaw Period 1

Infographics are best viewed in full screen after the file has been downloaded.

Hannah-Attisha - Consumer Safety. Created by Joe Ruff

Bryan Stevenson created by Keyland Carrasquillo

Muhammad Ali created by Quentin Sloan

Bryan Stevenson created by Aaron Stange

Marian Wright Edelman created by Brian Nerney