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East Greenwich High School - Shaw: 2020 Activist Project - Period 2

Activist Slide Presentations - Shaw Period 2

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Paul David Hewson aka Bono created by Grace Patti

Eunice Kennedy Shriver created by Mollie Conville

Upton Sinclair created by Ethan Dowding

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha created by Jack Lombardi

Laverne Cox created by Ryan Silverman

Gloria Steinem created by Victoria Kenworthy

Megan Rapinoe created by Julia Malkemes

John Muir created by Alyssa Ward

Tarana Burke created by Ava Oteiza

John Melia created by Ryan Straut

Greta Thunberg created by Kate Burbridge

Muhammad Ali created by Rafael Mears

Activist Writing - Shaw Period 2


Marian Wright Edelman picture book created by Emma Giannelli

Activist Posters - Shaw Period 2

Rosa Park created by Ireleigh Bucci
​Click on image to download and view the entire infographic.

Oprah Winfrey created by Tea Burnett-Testa

Activist Infographics - Shaw Period 2

Click on image to download and view the entire infographic below.

Oprah Winfrey created by Catherine Winter

Activist Infographics - Shaw Period 2

Click on image to download and view the entire infographic below.

Shirley Chrisholm created by Ava Bacik

Yuji Ichioka created by Kyla Chan

Greta Thurnberg created by Katherine Huntley

Frederick Douglas created by Elliot Mernick

Malcolm X created by Jack Gecawich