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Explorer Resources: Home

Check out these resources to help with your research on explorers!

Reliable Websites

Here are a few trust-worthy websites to get your started!

Explorer Report Guidelines

Click below to open up Mr. DiOrio's assigment.

Questions to Consider

  1. What is the name of your explorer?
  2. When was he born?
  3. In what country was he born?
  4. What was his life like before he became an explorer?
  5. For what country did he sail?
  6. What did he discover?
  7. Why was his discovery important?
  8. What are some interesting facts about him?


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Books in our Library

You will find most books about explorers in the 910 section of the Nonfiction. For a book on your specific explorer look for under his last name in the Biographies. If we do not have the book you are looking for at Gladstone, you can talk to Ms. O'Kane about requesting it from another school.

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Advanced Search

If you cannot find the book you need in the Gladstone collection, talk to Ms. O'Kane about requesting it from a different school library!

Databases - Collections of Articles

After you search for your explorer's name, you can get help with your bibliography entry by selecting an article link and then clicking on "Cite" from the right-hand menu.


World Book Student Biography Center

Explorers are listed in ABC order. Click on the green link to open up the article on your topic. Use the outline at the left to navigate to a specific section or to help you create a citation for your bibliography.
Search for your explorer's name, then click "Full Text" and the green "Update" button on the left. You may also want to limit your search by choosing appropriate subjects from the menu at the left. After you open an article, you can click "Cite" on the right to help you create your bibliography entry.
*****If the link does not work, go to and click on the appropriate resource.*****

How to Tell if You're Plagiarizing