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GASPPuppetry2014: Home

Puppetry GASP - Spring 2014

Week 1: Explore topics for puppetry, select topic, create "character" and make simple cup puppet.

Week 2: Add details to script outline, revise, practice...

Week 3: Record and then record some more!

Week 4: Puppetry screening with families and friends.  

Make a basic marionette with families and friends.

Cuppetry 3

Student Puppet Show 5

Cuppetry 7

Puppetry 9

Puppetry 11

Puppetry 13

Puppetry 15

Puppetry 17

Puppetry 19

Puppetry 21

Puppetry 23

Student Puppet Show 2

Cuppetry 4

Student Puppet Show 6

Cuppetry 8

Cuppetry 10

Puppetry 12

Puppetry 14

Puppetry 16

Cuppetry 18

Cuppetry 20

Puppetry 22