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Natural Disaster Resources: Resources

Look at these virtual and physical resources to guide your research!

Reliable Websites

Check out the following trust-worthy websites for help with your research.


Descriptions of books and websites are provided by the Follett Software Company.

Books in the Library

Most books on your topic will be found in the 551 section of the nonfiction books.

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Search the Catalog

Type in your topic and the click on the appropriate access point. If our library does not have what you are looking for, talk to Ms. O'Kane about requesting a copy from another school.

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Subject Guide

Databases - Collections of Articles

After you search for your topic, you can get help with your citations by selecting an article link and then clicking on "Cite" from the right-hand menu.


Search for your topic, then use the "Subject" link on the left to narrow your results. You may also want to use the tabs across the top to change the types of articles that you view.

*****If the link does not work, go to and click on the appropriate resource.*****

Natural Disaster News

Click on the links to view articles about natural disasaters happening now!

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