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One School, One Author: Melissa Stewart: Family Literacy Program with Melissa Stewart

Family Literacy Night with Melissa Stewart

The Family Literacy Night is Mon. June 5, from 6-7 pm in the Art-Music Room at Guiteras School.

Based on the award-winning title A Place for Frogs, this fun, interactive 45-minute presentation is perfect for all ages. It includes activities to help attendees appreciate how frogs' unique body features help them survive in their habitat. The program also includes information about the writing and book-making process. Book sale and signing to follow.

After the Family Literacy Program, students shared with their classmates about their experience.

Can an Aardvark Bark?


Book Review from Kirkus:

"Barks, grunts, squeals, whines, bellows, growls, and laughs—all kinds of animals use all kinds of sounds to communicate.

This collection of animal vocalizations will delight readers and listeners. Prolific science writer Stewart always chooses appealing facts, but what makes this collection work so well is the skillful presentation by both author and illustrator. There’s a question: “Can an aardvark bark?” And an answer: “No, but it can grunt.” A short paragraph tells when and why it makes that sound. The next spread reveals some different grunting species and what their grunts might mean. The next two spreads introduce barks and squeals. Just when listeners or readers begin to see a pattern of question and answer, it’s disrupted: “Can a porcupine whine? Why yes, it can!” The surprise adds just enough tension to keep the audience going through growls, bellows, and laughs. A final page asks listeners and readers if they can make the same noises. Jenkins’ characteristic cut-and–torn-paper collages are a perfect accompaniment. These sharp-edged, accurate images, set on plain white backgrounds, show beautifully. The highlighted animals—aardvark, New Zealand fur seal, wild boar, porcupine, dingo, giraffe, and kangaroo—are shown on double-page spreads, each followed by four other, equally interesting species. The final page includes portraits, an invitation for identification."