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One School, One Author: Melissa Stewart: Goal and Objectives of the Project


The goal of this project is to engage the school community through nonfiction reading to foster the joy of learning about science to culminate in a comprehensive One School, One Author program by funding services provided by Author Melissa Stewart: a day-long school visit and a Family Literacy Night event.



1.    To continue the Guiteras School initiative of making “real life” connections with people who work in the science fields.  Melissa Stewart graduated from New York University’s prestigious Science and Environmental Reporting Program and has published more than 50 books.  


2.    To create learning experiences with high-quality science nonfiction books. Most of Melissa Stewart’s books are nonfiction and about science topics in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Bristol Warren Regional School District’s Science Scope and Sequence.  (For a complete list of her books, please visit  Due to the range of science topics and the large number of books available written by Melissa Stewart, a One School, One Author program that focuses on students reading and learning from a variety of her books becomes a “beyond the page” experience when Melissa Stewart visits Guiteras School and presents to the K-5 student population.


3.    To provide an after school event to encourage the joy of reading and learning about science, as well as to make a home-school connection. Melissa Stewart’s Family Literacy Night includes a presentation to families in order to extend the students’ learning experience.