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Exploring World Literature and Culture: Assignment

Due Dates


Current Event Articles


  Country Survey  Week of 9/21
  Literature Reflection    Week of 10/13
  Art  Week of 10/27  
  Myth/Folk/Fairytale  Week of 11/9



All assignments

Exploring World Literature and Culture:

For this first semester project you will become the expert on your selected country.

  1.  Every other week you will write a SOAPStone (see attached guidelines) for an event occurring in your selected country.  This paper is due every other Friday.  If an event is not occurring specifically in your chosen country then you will find a current events article which focuses on the region in which your country is located.  For example, if you choose to cover the country of Madagascar, you may need to base your weekly responses on the region of Africa. Each SOAPStone  is weighed as a major grade.  (FIRST WEEK ONLY:  Tone only)
  2. During the week of September 21 you will discuss with the class the aspects of your selected country that you find fascinating, exciting or disturbing. You must submit to me a survey of your information.  Please see Survey Sheet. This is a quiz grade.
  3. During the week of October 13 you will be prepared to discuss with the class the songs and quirky traditions of your selected country.  For this portion of the assignment you will need to have printed copies of the materials you intend to discuss (minimum of 3). You will also complete a reflection for each work.  See attached literature reflection sheet.  This is weighted as a major grade.
  4. During the week of October 27, you will find a piece of art or sculpture from your selected country and present to the class an explanation of why the art is representative of your selected country’s culture. This is a quiz grade.
  5. During the week of November 9, you will discuss with the class the three fairy tales, myths or folk tales you choose to read from your selected country.  For this novel you will complete a review and must have an understanding of how the work(s) reflects the culture of your selected country. This is a major grade.


Subject Guide