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East Greenwich School District Summer Reading: AP Physics 1

Summer reading requirements at Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich Rhode Island

AP Physics 1 Summer Reading Requirements

AP Physics 1 students,

I hope you have been enjoying your summer break... working, playing, relaxing... however you spend your time. August is upon us and it is a good time to begin planning for the coming school year. For most of you, this year is a very busy year with college applications, standardized tests and/or Sr. Project. Use this month wisely!

Required resources are linked from the column to the right. Bookmark these sites as you will find them useful throughout the year.

Students are required to complete a series of short assignments through Schoology (explained on this webpage). 
This assignment is necessary due to the amount of material we must cover before the AP Exam in May. Furthermore, this assignment needs to be submitted the first week of school (Aug 31st). Any student not completing this assignment by the required date should reconsider his/her enrollment in this course. Email me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Mr. Lenox (

Required Summer Assignment - AP Physics 1

Required Summer Assignment


  • Students in AP Physics 1 are required to complete a number of short assignments through Schoology.
  • Use the Access code: F7H8-B4WJ-W4MWR to access the course materials on Schoology
  • In the folder 'Summer Assignment' you will find several reading assignments (Chapters 1 and 2) and Questions from the online text (OpenStax link). 
  • Your answers will be recorded when you submit these assignments.


Websites Required for AP Physics 1

Websites Required For AP Physics 1:


Optional Reading

During the school year, students in AP Physics 1 may be asked to read the books listed below.  These books are NOT required summer reading.  However, students may wish to read these books to contribute to their overall general science knowledge.

  • E=mc2 : A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis.
  • The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments by George Johnson.