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East Greenwich School District Summer Reading: Entering Grade 6

Summer reading requirements at Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich Rhode Island

Summer Reading Parent / Student Message

A Message To Parents and Students About Summer Reading Choice Books:


For years, our English Department Summer Reading has obligated every student to read the same grade-level book(s). Unfortunately, those traditional ways of ensuring students read are often ineffective, given students’ many competing past times. We’ve found that rather than encouraging a joy of reading, we’ve instead been making reading one more task to complete. Having said that, it’s important that summer reading support the thematic ideas students will be addressing during the year, while simultaneously opening new worlds to them.


In order to foster a love of reading while also supporting students academically, we’ve worked with our library media specialists to create book lists that will appeal to a broad spectrum of student interests. These book choices have been gathered from recommendations from the National Book Award, Rhode Island Children's Book Award, Rhode Island Middle School Book Award, Rhode Island Teen Book Award, Rhode Island Latino Book Award, School Library Journal (SLJ), Coretta Scott King Author awards, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) and Michael L. Printz Young Adult Literature awards.


We anticipate updating the lists annually to include new award-winning literature in the thematic areas we’ve chosen.  Thus, while it is not possible for your child’s teacher to have read a majority of these books, the selections have been vetted by well-respected panels of library media specialists and preteen/adolescent educators. In the event you wish your student to read only those books your child’s teacher has read, we recommend your student select the “Traditional Summer Reading Assignment” listed on the appropriate grade or class page.  In addition, many upper level classes still have at least one required book due to the demanding nature of the courses. Should you have any questions or concerns, please email Karen Izzo, English Department Chair, at

Entering Grade 6 - Summer Reading Instructions

Summer Reading Requirements for Students Entering Grade 6 Image result for summer reading

It is the expectation that all sixth graders will read one book per month independently throughout the year. To prepare, all incoming sixth grade students will read TWO books over the summer.  Ideally, book one should be read in July and book two should be read in August. (Any additional reading is encouraged but not required.)

  • Book One: Refugee by Alan Gratz. All sixth grade students are expected to read Refugee by Alan Gratz. Students should complete the "Mapping Three Journeys" and "Short Answer Responses" graphic organizers after reading the book.
  • Book Two: Survival Choice Book. Select a book from the titles listed on this webpage. Complete the "Choice Book Character Chart" graphic organizer after reading the book.
  • The required graphic organizers can be found here.
STEP ONE Read Refugee by Alan Gratz. Image result for refugee gratz
STEP TWO Complete "Mapping Three Journeys" and "Short Answer Responses" graphic organizers.
STEP THREE Select and read a book from the list of survival fiction novels outlined below on this webpage.
STEP FOUR Complete the “Choice Book Character Chart” graphic organizer.


East Greenwich Audio and eBooks

East Greenwich school libraries have access to audio and eBooks.  If our school libraries own a copy of an audio book or eBook, a link has been made to the book title.  To access the digital resource, click on the book title link and enter the following:

Username:  Your 5 digit lunch code
Password:  EGR

Rhode Island public libraries have multiple copies of the books listed on this page.  Audio books, books on CD, portable media players and eBooks may also be available.  Please stop by your local public library to reserve a copy and check out the book.

Entering Grade 6 - Survival

Required Reading Book #1

Entering Grade 6 - Survival

Traditional Summer Reading Assignment

If you feel that the titles listed on this webpage do not fit your student's needs, they may read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, which has been our summer reading selection in the past.

Entering Grade 6 - Survival

Entering Grade 6 - Survival