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East Greenwich School District Summer Reading: Frequently Asked Questions

Summer reading requirements at Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich Rhode Island

Frequently Asked Questions

Is summer reading mandatory?
Yes.  Each incoming middle and high school student (grades 6-12) must complete the reading and any accompanying assigned tasks. Some classes will have only one novel assigned because the accompanying background reading is extensive.

What if I am taking two or more English classes next year?
Students scheduled for concurrent full-year and semester-long English courses are responsible for reading each book pertaining to each course.  

What if I am taking an English elective in the second semester?
Students enrolled in a semester-long English class starting in the second semester are still responsible for reading the required book for that course. However, you may wish to read the book over Winter Break so it's fresh in your mind.

What is my parents’ role in summer reading?
Parents often find it helpful to read the same books assigned to their student, as doing so creates opportunities for great conversations and the ability to support reluctant or struggling readers. 

How will my teacher grade summer reading?
Teachers will assess students’ understanding of the course’s required books with a plot test or other assessment.  In addition, because these books are an important part of the curriculum, additional assessments and discussions will build off of this reading.

Where can I find the books?
Some of the books are available as free eBooks through our school library (click on the book title link).  Some of these books are available at no charge through Kindle, Nook, or websites like In addition, students are encouraged to find their books at a local library, where eBooks and audio book versions are also available.  Students may also purchase their books at a local bookstore or through an on-line order service.  If a student is unable to gain access to his or her books and is financially unable or unwilling to purchase his or her books, the student should contact the English department chair before July 1st. Mrs. Izzo can be reached at

What if I or my parents/guardians disapprove of the assigned reading?
Please contact Mrs. Izzo to discuss your concerns and obtain an alternate reading assignment. Under no circumstances should a substitution be made without this consultation.

Please read the FAQ first and THEN, if your question remains unanswered, please email Mrs. Izzo, English Department Chair, at 

Important Information for Juniors and Seniors

Important Information for Juniors and Seniors:

If you are enrolled in two semester courses, you MUST read the required book for each course, but you need only read one choice book. You do not have to select separate choice books for both courses.