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BHS Student Projects: How to Make a Great Prezi


Your finished Prezi should include:

  • Rotated elements
  • Animation/fade-in effects
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Zoom to important images
  • Additional design elements, such as shapes, arrows, or lines

Additional Requirements

Please also be sure to:

  • Use consistent fonts (one for titles, one for body text)
  • Follow the 6x6 rule in each frame
  • Make sure all content fits well inside your frames and resize as needed
  • Check your path and add, remove, or reorder path points if needed
  • Add your Works Cited page

Rotating Elements

Adding Animations

Adding a Video

NOTE: For a video to play automatically, you must right-click on it and choose Add to path from the menu.

Adding Sound

Zooming In

  1. Right click on an important image (or other element) and choose Add to path.
  2. On the left, drag the path point up to the correct place in your presentation.

Prezi will zoom in on this element when you present!

Using Symbols, Lines, and Shapes

Adding Effects to Images