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BHS Student Projects: TKAM Informative Speech



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This is a database trial that we can access until the end of May.

TIP: To search for two or more terms at a time (e.g. women AND Great Depression), use the Advanced search option and set your search field to Keyword.

Example (click for larger image):

Britannica School is an encyclopedia source, and it also includes primary source documents. 

ImageQuest allows you to search millions of rights-cleared images to use in your work.

NOTE: The Britannica databases require a username and password to use at home. You can access this information here.


When you use websites for research, be sure to consider the 5 Ws of website evaluation:

WHO? (author or organization)
  • Is there an author or sponsoring organization listed on the site?  

  • Is the author qualified to write on the topic?  

  • Is the organization well-known and reliable?

  • Is there an “About” page?
WHAT? (content and appearance)
  • Is the information clear, well-organized, and free of errors?  

  • Does the author list his/her sources and/or provide links to other useful sites?

  • Does the site look professional?  

  • Is it easy to locate information on the site?

  • What domain (.com, net, .org, .gov, .edu) does the site use, and what does this tell you?

WHEN? (date/copyright)
  • Does the website have a copyright date or a date on which the information was published or updated?  

  • Has the site been updated recently?

WHY? (purpose)
  • Is it clear that the purpose of the site is to inform readers?  

  • Is the information on the site relevant to your topic?