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BMS Student Projects

Dance Project

Please write an article that will be presented to the class on a specific dance given to you by Mrs. Zins.

Explain and include:

Type of Dance, Country or Countries:

  1. Who started the dance?
  2. when
  3. Where
  4. How did it begin? History behind it: Ex (after a war..., after and Independence)
  5. Attire
  6. Colorful picture of the attire/dance
  7. List of musical instruments (4 instruments)

Learn and explain "basic steps" to the class.  Include them in the article.Student does not need to dance it.  He/she needs to explain the steps.


There are a number of dances that you'll be researching, some harder to find than others.  Here are some places to start.

lion dances plena polka
marinera odissi mambo
marimba merengue tango
paso doble galopa tamborito

Music and Dance in Spanish Speaking Countries


EuropeAsiaOceaniaNorth AmericaNoneAfricaAfricaNoneSouth America

Britannica School is an encyclopedia source, and it also includes primary source documents. 

ImageQuest allows you to search millions of rights-cleared images to use in your work.

NOTE: The Britannica databases require a username and password to use at home. You can access this information here.


Research databases
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