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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Grade 5 Design an Island Project

Design an Island Project

You will be designing your own island for this project.  In addition to the resources that Mrs. Engstrom has provided, this guide will provide you with other knowledge and resources so that you'll rock this project!

Enjoy the learning and research process,


Mrs. Rose

Barrows Librarian


Project Handouts and Information

Just in case you forgot your project packet (or if you were a super friend and lent it to a classmate), here are the handouts that Mrs. Engstrom provided for this project.  They are in pdf format.  You can print them out if you need them.

Design an Island Project Vocabulary

The following vocabulary needs to be included in your project.  Make sure that you know the meaning of the following words and where they need to be included:


  • Map features: mountains, desert, forest, etc (how will you represent these?)

  • Capital (how will you represent this?)

  • Map key (symbols for map features)

  • Compass Rose (cardinal/intermediate directions)

  • Scale (miles)

  • Economy

  • Currency


Sample Maps With Specialized Purposes


Maps courtesy of World Book Student Online, accessed 9/30/2017

Subject Guide

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Review of Basic Properties of an Atlas

Before you work on your Design an Island Map, you need a review of a variety of map features.

You will be using Time for Kids World Atlas to answer the following questions about a country that you investigate.

Here is the worksheet that you will be using for practice: