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Chester W. Barrows School Library: All Things Google

Going Google: The Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Google Tools

Check out this free, on demand webinar courtesy of Simplek12, to help you get started with Google Tools.


Click on the icon to take you to the webinar, and then click on the purple "Watch Now" button.


Virtual Field Trips with Google

This LiveBinder, created by Jerry Swiatek, is a fabulous resource for using Google Earth and Google projects such as Google Cultural Institute, to take virtual trips to museums, other countries...even other planets and different points in history.

 Enjoy your explorations.


Click on the icon to visit the Virtual Field Trip LiveBinder

Use Google Docs to Facilitate a Digital Writer's Workshop

Susan Oxnevad is one of the Google visionaries of our time.  Here is one of her articles on using Google Docs for classroom collaboration.


Click on the icon to read her post.  (Actually, you might want to browse through her entire blog.  It's awesome, as is she!

10 Google Search Tips to Help You Find the Info You Need

Simplek12 had a webinar on Google Search Tips  (by Paula Naugle) to help for more efficient searching.  Unfortunately you have to pay to view it :-(.  HOWEVER, I found the back chat to it!  It's a pdf document that lists the skills outlined in the presentation.  So, same information, no video, but a great resource nonetheless!  Backchats for webinars can contain a lot of useful information and links... sometimes they are as or more valuable than the webinar itself...


15 Tips & Tricks To Get More Out Of Google Drive

Here's a useful article from by Briann Voo, which focuses on less well known ways to use Google Drive.


Click on the image to take you to the article.


Connecting with Google Hang Outs

Here are some ideas for Connecting with Google Hang outs, courtesy of Beth Hayden from Copy Blogger.

Click on the icon to read the article and follow the tutorial

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Google Chrome Apps for the Classroom

Kim Munoz's class blog is a wonderful resource.  Here she describes some chrome apps that are superb for educator and classroom use.

Click on the icon to read the article and learn about some great Chrome apps


I have put together these resources with the philosophy that learning should be free.  If you click on a video and you get a message that something is for sale, please let me know immediately by emailing me at  Sometimes things change on the net.  I will try to keep these links and resources updated, but it is never my intention for you to have to pay for access to these materials.  Thank you for letting me know if things change and if there is suddenly a cost associated with accessing these resources.

Thank you.

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