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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Black History Month Resources

MLK Google Doodle 2017

Black History Month Quiz

Use World Box Kids 

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World Book Student

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to answer the questions on the Black History Quiz

Which Great Woman from History are you most like?

Take the Great Women from History Quiz!

Black History Month Resources

Here is the text (and audio) of  Dr. Martin Luthor King's "I Have A Dream" Speech.


Here's a Black History Challenge Quiz from Quia:


Here is a video of Martin Luther King from Scholastic:


Here's a video about Civil Rights and MLK from BrainPop:


Here's an Underground Railroad Activity from Scholastic:


Education World has some resources too:


Here's some History and Fact information from Factmonster


With thanks to Elementary Librarian and RMR for finding some of the informatino on this page.