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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Aspen Gradebook Resources for Librarians/Elementary Itinerants

Aspen Resources

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Extremely Comprehensive Gradebook Resource Files

The following are two manual-sized references for Gradebook.  They are very long and detailed.  Please look them over before you decide to print.  These manuals are an excellent argument for e-book references.  :-)

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District Developed Aspen Standards Based Grading Resources

The district has developed some guides/resources to help us with the transition to Standards Based Grading and reporting.  Some are pdfs, one is a ppt.  These were distributed to principals, who will be sharing at meetings.  These will serve as your reference copies.

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These files are Cranston resources on Gradebook.  They seem to be focused on secondary gradebook, but I include them in an attempt to be thorough.

There are also some grading/gradebook/assignment creation videos available on PACE.

Follett/Aspen HELP also has some useful guides/quick reference cards/ and videos.  I have assembled most of the relevant guides and Quick Reference Cards here.  I can recommend videos to you if that would be useful.



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Course Evaluation for PD Sessions

Here is the LINK for the evaluation for the PD sessions today.

Here are the titles of the sessions:

1. Physical & Digital Collection Development and Best Practices in the 21st Century 8:00 - 10 am

2.  Aspen and Destiny Interface for Librarians 10:30 - 12:30

3.  Collaboration without Walls: School Library Partnerships w/Public Institutions  1:00 - 3:00 pm

 Thanks for doing the evaluations!