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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Bat Fun!

Biggest Bats in the World

Watch this movie about the World's Biggest Bats.

When you are done watching it please be ready to answer some questions. :-)

You can watch the video again. You start it by clicking on the sideways triangle under the movie to the left and pause it by clicking on the two lines that you can see at the bottom left while the movie is playing. You can rewind it by dragging the circle underneath it back to the left.

Bat Worksheet

Here is a Bat Worksheet that you will be asked to complete.

And yes, you can work on it with a partner.

Once you have your worksheet, put your names on it. Use the links in the box to the right to answer the questions. Please answer the questions in full sentences. Full sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period.


Many thanks to Mrs. Steward of Gladstone School for creating these activities and researching these sites.

Thank you!


Bat Websites

Once you have your worksheet, you and your partner will use the links below to find the answers to the questions.

When you finish the worksheet, you may visit the links in the Fun Bat Stuff box while classmates finish their worksheets.

Happy Bat Searching!

Fun Bat Stuff

Once you have finished the worksheet you may go to these websites for some fun activities while classmates finish the worksheet.

Information for Instructors

Open the pdf to view all the standards addressed in this lesson.

Echolocation! Music Video