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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Grade 2 Animal Research Project

Graphic Organizer and Citation Guide

Key things are:

1. Finding your information

2.  Fill in your graphic organizer.

Remember, just take notes on the organizer.  You don't need complete sentences -- just the important words.

Remember that when you find your information, you need to fill it out on the Citation Guide that you have.  Just follow the examples. It's really important to give credit to the people who created the resources that you are using.

Where to go for Information

You have so many choices to get information about your animal!

What do I need to go for this project?

This project has a number of parts:


1) Choose an animal to research.

2) Find information in books or in the web sites described on this Guide.

3) Fill out all the information required on the graphic organizer: where your animal lives; what the climate is like where it lives; what it eats; what eats it; etc. Remember, you don't need to use complete sentences.  Just the important words.

4) Keep track of your sources using your CITATION GUIDE.  Follow the guide.  If you just use an on line encyclopedia or a web site, keep track on the guide and fill in the appropriate information.

5)  BIG HUGE PART:  You need to DRAW A PICTURE of your animal in its habitat.  PLEASE USE COLOR when drawing your picture!!!!!!

         a) You MAY NOT use a picture from the Internet, or a book, or a magazine.  You have to DRAW the picture.

         b) You May trace a picture.

         c) You May copy a picture.  Just not with a copy machine.

         d) We want to see your artwork!  :-)


6)  All graphic organizers will be included in an on line class book.  Any student who draws a picture of their animal in its habitat will have that picture included in the on line class book.

7) Please use good judgment about what your animal is doing in the picture.  Taking care of its young, yes.  Hanging out in its habitat, yes.  Getting eaten by a predator?  Probably not.  :-(

8) All pictures should be on a piece of white 8 x 11 1/2 paper (regular printer paper).  Thank you.


Questions?  Ask Mrs. Rose,


Have fun with your project!

Subject Guide

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Try these web sources for safe searches for images

Pictures Courtesy of World Book On Line


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