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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Grade 2: Community Helpers

Do You Know These Community Helpers?

Here are some brainstorming lists of community helpers done by Mrs. Gallagher's and Mrs. Medeiros' students!

Learning About Community Helpers


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What does my community helper do? ‚Äč

How does that person help the community? What do they provide to the community (goods or services)?

What tools and equipment does he/she need to do their job?

Describe their uniform (if they have one).

Describe their work environment.

What interesting fact can you find?

Use books, weblinks, and photographs to find out! Or interview a real person who does that job!


Visit HERE to see finished projects!

Appreciations and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mrs. Gaiewski of Orchard Farms and Rhodes Elementary schools for the creativity and much of the content in this guide.

Find More Information Here

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Click the banner above to visit this website to learn more about your community helper.  (You may not find your job at this website.)

There are 10 categories of jobs at this site.  You may see a job that you are interested in.  Some of them have videos!  Unfortunately, not all jobs are included.


Community Helpers Research Sites


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