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K12 Library Curriculum & The Common Core--RILINK presentation: CC Anchor Standard Resources

Presented at RILINK Conference, Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Aug 14, 2013

Common Core Standards and AASL


So, when we need to make sure our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards, we in Library Media/Information Literacy have a distinct advantage in that the AASL already produced a comprehensive alignment of the AASL Standards for the 21st Century to the Common Core Standards.


You already know this, but the crosswalk is available here:


However, someone really smart pointed out that we don't have to make ourselves crazy with perfect alignment between the AASL Standards and the Common Core standards, rather, that we can focus on the Common Core Anchor Standards.  Information about these is extensively and exhaustively available.  I am including a sampling.  Goodness knows there is so much more out there.

This is a great place to start examining the Anchor Standards.  It's a bit more focused and a bit less overwhelming.  Still a lot of information, but it's a manageable beginning.

I like this because of the stated intention, ie, "A Non Freaked Out Approach to Common Core Literacy".  This site definitely tries to simplify it.  Please be alert to the .com domain, though.

This looks like the Los Angelos Unified School Department just extracted the specific anchor standards in order to focus on them.  A useful lesson in clarity.

My advice now, for simplicity's sake:

  • We know that we are all aligned to the AASL Standards for the 21st Learner
  • We know that there is an extensive crosswalk from the AASL Standards to the CCSS.
  • Focus on adhering to the AASL Standards
  • The rest will follow, with a bit of forensic work on your part.



Please Remember:  Your curriculum is supposed to be dynamic and reflective; it's a process rather than a final product.

Good luck with your voyage!  Our intention was to save you some time, and point you in some productive directions.

 Time is short and valuable.  Librarians learn from each other.  

Hopefully this has shortened your journey.

--- Sue and Steph, Aug 2014  (with more to come, I'm sure...)

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