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Frank E. Thompson Middle School Library: Web 2.0 Tools

I want to design with ANIMATION.

Use these tools to create comics:

I want to record or edit AUDIO.

I want to BLOG.

Create an online blog to record your opinions and information:

I want to BOOKMARK my favorite sites.

Bookmarking sites allow you to save your favorite websites in one location:


Use these tools to brainstorm and map your ideas.

I want to COLLABORATE with others.

The following sites allows students to collaborate in real-time which allows them to edit and chat with group members as they are working.

I want to DRAW.

These sites allow you to draw online:

I want to create an INFOGRAPHIC.

An infographic is an information graphic or a visual representation of information.

I need tools for MATH.

Helpful math tools:

I want to create or edit MAPS.

I want to download or listen to MUSIC.

I want to take NOTES.

I want to NETWORK with others.

I want to share or edit PICTURES.

I need to use copyright free PICTURES.

I want to record a PODCAST.

A podcast is a multimedia digital file.

I want to create a POSTER.

I want to create a PRESENTATION.

I want to PUBLISH my work online.

I want to create a QR CODE.

I want to create an RSS.

RSS or Really Simple Syndication are used to update information found on websites. The following sites help you subscribe to the sites you want to receive updates.

I want to tell a STORY.

I need tools to help me STUDY.

I need to create a SURVEY.

I need help with TIME MANAGEMENT.

I need to shorten a URL.

I need to edit VIDEO.

I want to create a WEBSITE.

I want to search and evaluate WEBSITES.

I want to create a WIKI.

A wiki is a website developed collaboratively with others.

I want help with WRITING.


Special thanks to Vanessa Loffredo at Overland Trail School in Kansas and Mrs. Avarista from East Greewich High School, for permission to use this guide. I have and will continue to add links to this page.