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Frank E. Thompson Middle School Library: Chromebook tips

Split Screen

Split Screen

A split screen allows you to look at two windows at the same time.  



Directions:  You are going to open a Word document and create a split screen so that you can see this page and the Word document at the same time.  Follow the directions on this page to complete your Word document.

Did you know you can split your screens with one screen on top of the other,or side by side?

  • Use the "restore down" button (next to the x) in the upper right hand corner  
  • Use your mouse and drag the corners of the screen so it takes up half of your screen
  • Do this for both the LibGuide and the Word document.


Once you open your Word Document:

   1.  Type your name.

   2.  Change the color of your name to any color you like.

   3.  Center your name in the middle of the screen by using the center button.

   4.  Press enter two times (you should be 2 lines underneath your name)

   5.  Type the name of  your favorite animal.

   6.  Make the name of your favorite animal size 72.

   7.  Press enter two times.

   8.  Type the name of your favorite color.

   9.  Make the name of your favorite color the color it should be (ex. if your favorite color is blue, make it blue)

 10.  Open a new tab on the Internet.  Go to Do an Image search for your favorite animal by typing the animal name in the search box and clicking on the Google Image icon. Drag a picture of your favorite animal into your document where the name of your favorite animal used to be.  (A picture will not appear, but the website address will appear)

Copy & Paste

Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting is when you highlight a word, sentence, paragraph or picture from one place,copy it, and then paste it somewhere else.


Directions:  For this activity, you will be using Worldbook Online. Download the Word document below, open it up and perform the instructions for each question.  Use the World Book Online link in this box to search, then copy and paste your answers right onto the worksheet.


Did you know that there are two ways to copy and paste?

  • Highlight the text you want to copy with your mouse
  • Go to Edit menu at the top of your computer screen, click on Edit, select Copy
  • Using your mouse, click on the document where you want to copy the text to...
  • Go to Edit menu, click on Edit, select Paste


  • Highlight the text you want to copy with your mouse
  • Using the keyboard and hold down the "Command" key then click "C"
  • Click cursor where you want to copy the text to
  • Using the keyboard hold down the "Command" key then click "V"



Using the Keyboard


Most functions on the computer can be completed by just using your keyboard.

Touchpad Tips

Touchpad Tips ×

Drag & Drop

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop means you take an object from one place and drag it to another place.  

Directions:  Click on the links to play some of the games below to practice dragging and dropping.


Did you know most online games use the drag and drop skill?

  • Click on the object you want to drag and drop
  • While holding the mouse button down, drag the object to where you want it
  • Release the mouse button when the object is where you want it to be



Typing efficiently can make a big difference in completing your work. 


Directions:  Click on the links to play games below to practice typing.

Did you know you can become a much faster typist if you use the home row keys?

  • Put your right index finger on the J.
  • Line up the rest of the fingers on your right hand next to your right index finger
  • Put your left index finger on the F.
  • Line up the rest of the fingers on your left hand next to your left index finger




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