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Cranston High School East Library: CHSE Book Review Blog

About the CHSE Book Review Blog

Are you looking for a good book to read?  

The CHSE Book Review Blog has over 850 book reviews written by students and teachers.  Check it out!  You will be sure to find lots of books that interest you.  The CHSE Book Review Blog is embedded on the right side of this page, and you can also view it at

Have you read a good book lately? Earn PBIS points by writing about it!

Earn PBIS points by using the form below to submit a book review.  Book reviews should be at least 50 words long, should tell a little about the book, and should give your opinion of the bookNo plagiarism, please! Any student or faculty member can submit a book review by submitting the form below, and students who submit book reviews that are uploaded to the blog will earn PBIS points for each book review they write. 

Submit a Book Review

CHSE Book Review Blog