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EBSCO's Kid Search provides articles on thousands of topics, including GMO's. 


Research (noun): study of a subject, in order to discover new facts or test new ideas

Search (verb): to try to find an explanation or solution; a series of actions done by a computer to find information

Source (noun): a person, book, or document that supplies you with information

Reference (noun): something (such as a book, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.) that people can look at or in to find information about something

Encyclopedia (noun): a book or CD, or a set of these, containing facts about many different subjects, or containing detailed facts about one subject

Database (noun): a large amount of data stored in a computer system so that you can find and use it easily

Citation (noun): a line taken from a book, speech etc : quotation

Cite (verb): to write or say the words of (a book, author, etc.)

"Soccer <<SAHK uhr>> is the world's most popular sport. It is the national sport of many nations, including most of the countries in Europe, South America, and Central America. Millions of people throughout the world play soccer" (World Book Kids).

Quote (verb): to repeat exactly what someone else has said or written

Plagiarism (noun): an idea, phrase, or story that has been copied from another person's work, without stating where it came from


MLA Format Style (noun): the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is used for writing and formatting research papers for English papers. 

Bibliography (Works Cited) (noun): a list of books and articles that are all about a particular subject 


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Standards - ELA

American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner:

1.1.1    Follow an inquiry based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects, and make the real world connection for using this process in own life.

1.1.3    Develop and refine a range of questions to frame the search for new understanding.

1.1.4    Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.  

1.1.5    Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context.

Common Core State Standards:

Literacy.W.9-10.W2.a : Introduce a topic; organize complex ideas, concepts, and information to make important connections and distinctions; include formatting (e.g., headings), graphics (e.g., figures, tables), and multimedia when useful to aiding comprehension.

Literacy.W.9-10.6 : Use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products, taking advantage of technology’s capacity to link to other information and to display information flexibly and dynamically.

Literacy.CCRA.L.1 : Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Literacy.CCRA.L.2 : Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.

Free Online Citation Creators

Use the free online citation creators below to generate and save citations for all types of sources.


Google Slides for Class

Google Slides

You will be using Google Slides to present your research. 

  1. Log in to your Cranston East gmail account
  2. Go to Google Slides to create a new presentation 

Mango Languages

If you want to learn English at home or on your phone, Mango is a fun website that will help you!