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Cranston High School East Library: Arnold - Industrial Revolution Projects

Assignment Information

A Note from Mrs. Blais -

Hello CHSE students.  Here is a page of resources for Mrs. Arnold's Industrial Revolution Project.  For each topic, I have provided you with one link.  This link is meant to help get you started with your research, but it will probably not contain all of the information you will need.  Further down on the page, you will see links to three eBooks about the Industrial Revolution as well as links to other helpful sources.  Please feel free to contact me at if I can further assist you with this project.  



Industrial Revolution Projects:

Directions – Choose one of the projects below and follow the directions for the project. Be prepared to present the project and answer questions about your project.


1. Create an annotated and illustrated timeline that shows the beginning, spread, and economic effects of the industrial revolution (must have at least 16 items in the timeline) (8 pictures minimum. 4 can be printed, 4 must be hand drawn)


2. Write a journal from the perspective of a child working in a factory. Your journal must have at least five entries (minimum of 60 words each (300 total) that detail the living and working conditions children faced during the industrial revolution

3. Write a two page report (500 words minimum) that explains the improvements in transportation during the IR. Explain why each was important and its effect on the IR. (typed. I also need the electronic file emailed to me)


4. Create a newspaper that contains articles about the following topics: working conditions, social classes, size of cities, and living conditions during the IR (each article must be at least 75 words) (typed. I also need the electronic file emailed to me)


6. Create a comic or a PowerPoint that shows the conflicts/struggles between the workers and factory owners. Explain the issues in detail and show resolutions (how the situations were resolved). Comic book must contain at least 4 drawings, must have explanations with each drawing. 


7. Create an invention that could have been useful during the IR. Create a brochure or commercial that you would present to prospective buyers. The brochure/ commercial should include a detailed sketch of the invention, an instruction manual, why it is better than other inventions and the impact it will have on the IR


8. Create a storyboard that explains the development of labor unions and reformers during the IR. Also, show how the reform movement spread. You must provide written explanations for each of the 6 drawings for the storyboard.

9. Write an editorial in which you support capitalism or socialism (must be at least 300 words, typed). You must explain both in detail and argue why you chose one or the other. (typed. I also need the electronic file emailed to me)

9B. Instead of a written editorial from #9, create a video of you debating someone who supports the opposite. You will have to turn in a transcript of your video (the words you are speaking in the video, as well as a file for the video). (this is a pairs project) 

10. Write a two page report (double spaced, typed, size 12 times new roman font) detailing why the IR began in Britain. Make sure you give details and examples. (typed. I also need the electronic file emailed to me)


Free Online Citation Creators

Use the free online citation creators below to generate and save citations for all types of sources.




Here are three eBooks that contain information about the Industrial Revolution. Use the Table of Contents and the Index to find the specific topics you need.  You will need the password below to access these eBooks. 

Password: cran_log

World Book Student

World Book Online has an excellent article about the Industrial Revolution as well as separate articles about specific topics (socialism, capitalism, labor unions, etc.). 

History Reference Center

Use History Reference Center to find thousands of reliable resources including primary source documents, biographies, photos, maps & more! Provided by

U.S. History in Context

The password is cran_log.
U.S. History in Context provides students extensive coverage of historical events. This collection contains millions of articles from periodicals and newspapers; hundreds of thousands of topic and event overviews; biographies; and rich multimedia, including images, videos, audio, and weblinks.

Primary Sources in U.S. History

The password is cran_log.
Primary Sources in U.S. History includes 15 eras and over 1,800 seminal primary sources including documents, maps, historical objects, and other materials from the museums, archives, and collections of the Smithsonian and Gale's leading digital collections.

Student Resources in Context

The password is cran_log
Student Resources in Context includes content from full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, and audio files.  Use this database to search for information about people, places, events, and other topics.  This is a good all-purpose database.