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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Early Childhood - K Tech Activities

Minimouse - Mouse Skills

Twenty different games for preschoolers
to practice their mouse skills!
Varying degrees of difficulty.
Pickle Pop shown here.

Keyboarding Zoo

In Keyboarding Zoo students can match letters on the screen to the keyboard.

Leaf Colors and Shapes

Sort Leaves by Color.
Match Shapes.
Beautiful images of Fall leaves and scenery

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Move the Mouse

Activities for preschoolers to learn
to point, click, and drag.
Different games for each skill.

Learn Colors

Learn colors while practicing mouse skills!

Refrigerator Magnets

Click and drag magnets onto the refrigerator to practice the letters of the alphabet or numbers, to spell words or your name,
or to practice names of shapes.

Subject Guide

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Sue Rose
Chester W. Barrows School
9 Beachmont Avenue
Cranston, RI 02905

Zoo Planner

Where in the Zoo will I put you?
Arrange animals and people any way you want. Click and drag into the zoo.

Alphabetical Order Activity

Click and drag the letters
of the alphabet in order.