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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Island: 2015 RICBA Nominee

Island by Jason Chin

Island by Jason Chin is a gorgeous book that demonstrates how the Galapagos Islands were formed and how life came to the Islands, both in animal and plant forms.  Enjoy the art and the sense of history that you'll get from reading this.

Many thanks to Ms. Tanner for many of the materials found on this page.

Check out the Galapagos Tortoise

Here is a video care of the Sandiego Zoo Ambassador's Program.

Use These Resources to Explore the book Island

You can use the following website to:

  •  see where the Galapagos Islands are located;
  •  view the maps;
  • read some of the information about the Galapagos;
  • explore and learn some of the animals found there


You can also use these links to explore more about the Galapagos Islands:

This is a site for kids to learn more about the wildlife and history of the Galapagos Islands.



You could also explore the Galapagos Islands (or anything or anywhere, actually!) with's Searchasaurus Database.  Here's the Link:

Searchasaurus logoSearchasaurus      





Explore the Galapagos with Google Maps!

Ms. Tanner, Librarian at Edgewood Highlands and Stone Hill schools, found this awesome website about scientists using Google Maps to explore the Galapagos Islands.  Enjoy!

Subject Guide

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Sue Rose
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Content and Vocabulary

As you look at this material, keep in mind the following concepts:

  • climate
  • region
  • plant life
  • animal life

You also might want to keep these vocabulary words handy:

  • adaptation
  • invasive species
  • and inhabitants