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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Nelson Mandela: RICBA Nominee 2015

Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson

Nelson Mandela by Nelson Kadir is an exquisite book that introduces Nelson Mandela to a school aged reader.  This is an inspiring introduction to one of the true heroes of our age.

Other Books by Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson is an award winning illustrator.  He has received Caldecott Honor awards, NAACP Image awards, Coretta Scott King Illustrator awards, and was a New York Times bestselling author.  His website is

Here are some of his other books, some of which are in the Chester Barrows collection:

Book descriptions courtesy of Follett.

Use These Resources to Learn More about Nelson Mandela

You can use Webpath Express to find information about Nelson Mandela from the Barrows library catalog.  Here is a sample of websites that you might explore:

Here is a Time for Kids article about Nelson Mandela:

Here is a TFK's slideshow of Nelson Mandela's life:


You could also explore more about Nelson Mandela (or anyone else or anything else, actually!) with's Searchasaurus Database.  Here's the Link:

Searchasaurus logoSearchasaurus      

Google Doodle Salutes Nelson Mandela!

This Google Doodle showing the life and words of Nelson Mandela is an exquisite and artistic tribute.  Enjoy!

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