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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Google / Gmail Transition

Updated 2/11/2015 by Jim Dillon: Basic District Information for CPS Faculty

This is the message that the district Google Transition Team wants to communicate to all staff and  faculty:


  1. ​CPS is transitioning to Google/Gmail. All faculty will have a Google account. Current email address WILL NOT CHANGE.​​​
  2. Look for an email regarding CPS Google account (log-in & password) week of Feb 9th from Donna-Marie
  3. ​Log into your Google account for conformation. Please email Donna-Marie with any problems logging in.
  4. Google accounts will be active but email will not switch from Office Outlook 365 to Gmail until March 1. 
  5. All email will continue with Office 365 until Saturday February 28
  6. Email will be sent to Gmail starting March 1
  7. MS Outlook 365 will always be available to access if needed.
  8. CPS Google Drive will be active if you would like to set up (more instruction/PD will follow at later dates).

If you have any questions, or need assistance please talk to your building Tech Coach (at Barrows, Sue Rose :-)

Additional District Information added 2/21/2015

As additional information becomes available it will be archived here.

Below you will find some archived information that Donna-Marie sent out to proactively address questions about the Google Migration.  You will also find the district powerpoints with resources to assist you through the migration process.

Google Quick Reference Guide

Amy Pinheiro, Cranston Data Manager and Help Desk Specialist, put together this infographic with all sorts of helpful information.  Try out the links, explore and enjoy.

 Click on the URL below, or click on the graphic to take you to the infographic.

Google Helpful Links Presentation

Amy Pinheiro and Kate Mills worked on a Google Helpful Links Presentation.  Here it is in Google presentations, a powerpoint app that you can use in Google Drive.

 Click on the URL below, or click on the graphic to take you to the presentation.


Subject Guide

Sue Rose's picture
Sue Rose
Chester W. Barrows School
9 Beachmont Avenue
Cranston, RI 02905

Additional Google and Tech Resources

Click on the following links for additional resources for Google Drive or for general tech:

A resource for additional google training

A resource for ipad and related ed tech

Other District Google Resources

Image result for google images



for more cheat sheets, videos, and other things to help your understanding of how to make Google work for you!