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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Grade 4 Research Project: RI Cities & Towns

Rhode Island Cities and Towns

Many thanks to  Mrs. Basso of Woodridge and Stadium Elementary Schools, for the work and effort that she put into this Libguide resource and to support this project.

Approved Website

Cranston Seal & Flag

Learn all about the City Seal & Flag.  


Cranston City Facts

Use a table of statistics to learn city facts.  


Cranston City History

Learn the Who, What, & When of Cranston.


Rhode Island State Symbols

Learn all about RI symbols using CultureGrams.  


Research Assignment

Use books and approved websites to find information about your Rhode Island city or town.  Use this information to create a brochure, a scrap book, a poster or a postcard inviting people to visit.  

The following must be included: 

  • City or Town?
  • County
  • Location on a RI map, neighboring cities or towns
  • Villages within the city or town
  • Population
  • Area in square miles 
  • Year Established
  • Form of Government
  • Road Map
  • A picture (hand drawn, no computer or copier pictures, please)

You can include any of the following:  

Read the town website to find out about any of these topics:   

  • Historical Events
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Notable People
  • Places to see
  • Things to do
  • Other interesting facts

Remember to be creative and have FUN with this project!  

However, the Project is due November 30.  Please plan ahead!


Rhode Island History

Learn all about Rhode Island's history in CultureGrams Timeline.  


RI Geography & Climate

Lean about the Geography and Climate of Rhode Island using CultureGrams


Things to Do and See in RI


for ideas of what to do and see in Rhode Island