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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Grade 2: Biography Project


Biographies: Assignment and Rubric

Here is a digital copy of a graphic organizer to help you with your assignment.


Here is a digital copy of your assignment.


Here is a digital copy of  the rubric for your assignment.



Library Resources for Biographies

Here at the Chester Barrows School Library, biographies are kept in a special area.

The call number of the books begins with B for Biography.

The rest of the call number is the first three letters of the Famous Person (the one whom the book is about) Last Name.

A book about Mrs. Medeiros would have the call number B MED.

A book about Mrs. Gallagher would have the call number B GAL.  

You get the idea.

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Citation for 2nd Grade

When you are doing any kind of research or project, it is very import to Cite Your Sources.

Here is a link to Kathy Shrock's Guide to Citation for Elementary School Students.

But to make it easier, here are her Guidelines for Second Grade Citation.


On Line Support for Biographies

World Book Kids Online Encyclopedia has some very helpful articles where you can find photographs and information on your biography person.


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Click on the World Book Kids icon. Enter the name of your biography person into the Search Box and explore!

Don't forget to grab a citation for the articles and photos that you use.  It will look like this:


"Bridges, Ruby." World Book Kids, World Book, 2018, Accessed 23 Apr. 2018.


Another great source for biographies is the site Duckster.


Ducksters Educational Site


Ducksters is an educational site with many biographies available.  Focus on the content.

Click the box for access to Ducksters.

Don't forget to cite the articles from Ducksters!  Use the World Book Online Citation Format!