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Chester W. Barrows School Library: Community Helper Projects

Armani's Project on Firefighters

Kobe's Project on Teachers

Abby's Research on Teachers as Community Helpers

Javian's Project on Police

Madison's Project on Veterinarians

Madison's Project on Doctors

Will's Project on Veterinarians

Angelina's Project on Veterinarians

Kaylynn's Project on Veterinarians

Justin's Project on Construction Workers

Dayvion's Project on Police

Mrs. Rose's Project


Many of the students used books on Epic! for their research.  Here is a book that Angelina and Madison used:

Image result for community helpers:  veterinarians by christina leaf


Many books on Community Helpers are available on Get Epic, an ebook subscription service available to teachers.

Gabe's Project on Construction Workers

Melany's Project on Teachers

Milania's Project on Veterinarians

Stella's Project on Doctors

Paul's Project on Pizza Workers

Calib's Project on Doctors

Elizabeth's Project on Teachers

Max's Project on Teachers

Kristina's Project on Dentists

Devon's Project on Police

Antonio's Project on Firefighters