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Gladstone Street School Library: Science Apps

Free Science Ipad/Iphone Apps Reviewed by Graphite/Common Sense Media

All of the following have been reviewed by Common Sense Media's Web/App Review site,

Please note that these apps for appropriate for students K - grade 6, and certainly older.


Google Earth

Cool geographical exploration tool has endless classroom applications



Marine Missions

Simple app sets young kids sailing in the waters of ocean conservation



NOVA Elements

Info-packed science resource great for teaching the elements



Bill Nye The Science Guy

Cool app lets kids blast off, bubble, and dig into science concepts



Where's My Water?

Captivating conservation puzzler focuses on problem-solving



Science360 for iPad

Amazing images, videos, and fact-packed text on many science topics




Visually super NASA-backed treasure trove may overwhelm



Color Uncovered

Engaging ebook combines art with science in playful ways



DIY - Get skills. Be awesome.

From cardboarding to cooking, this app helps kids find the fun in DIY



Finger Physics

Cute and challenging physics puzzler teaches gravity