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Orchard Farms Elementary School Library: Rhode Island Children's Book Award 2018


Summer is a great time to read the RICBA Nominees for 2018!

1) Check out this LibGuide to discover which books you'd like to read.

2) Visit the Cranston Public Library to borrow a copy.  Psst!  You can even read some of these as e books!  Check out the EZone through the Cranston Public Library!

3) Read as many books as you'd like. (try for 3 or more)

4) After you read each book, go to the RICBA READER SURVEY on the right side of this LibGuide.  Answer the quick questions and submit your response so I know you've read the book. (If you don't have access to a computer, write your responses and turn them in when we return to school in September.)

5) I'll be looking for your opinions over the summer.

6) In September students who have read a RICBA book and filled out the survey will get a prize!  It's that simple.

Happy Reading!



Get Your RICBA Books at the Cranston Public Library!

Check out the Cranston Public Library!

Click the icon below to go to the web site and CPL on line catalog.

Also, click the icon below to see what e-books the Cranston Public Library has available for you!  (You'll need your library card number to borrow/read books this way)

You can also get audio books!  Great for travelling and family trips!

Fun and Games with RICBA 2018 Books!

Before You Share RICBA Books On Line...


Remember our rules about on line communication:

Before we SHARE, we remember the basic and very important ideas about communicating on line, on the internet, through blogging, social networking sites, or however you want to SHARE.


Before we SHARE, let's show we CARE.


We CARE about:

1) being SMART on line

2) being KIND on line

3) protecting our PRIVACY on line

4) being ETHICAL on line

5) being RESPONSIBLE on line



Find Out About the RICBA Authors!

If you want to find out more about the authors who wrote these books, you can visit this website, which was put together by the RICBA 2018 committee:

It has links to author videos and author web sites.

Happy Exploring!


Click the link below to view the AASL, CCSS and ISTE standards aligned with this activity.

RICMBA Nominees 2018


Rhode Island Middle School Book Award Nominees 2018

If you are entering grade 6, visit the NEW RIMSBA Page!  Click on the RICBA tab at the top of the LibGuide to access the middle school list!

Rhode Island Children's Book Award Nominees 2018

The RICBA 2018 Nominees are here!!


Are you in Grade 3-5?

Can you read 3 books by February 2017?

Then you can vote for your favorite book.

The book with the most votes will be forever known as the


Check out the 20 book list below and

READ . . . READ . . .  READ


New this year!  Participate in the ROOSTER GAMES

by reading 7 RICBA books

by February, 2018!

You'll learn about the GAMES in library class.!


RICBA Nominees 2018: Check them out!


All book summaries courtesy of RICBA committee members and Follett.


After you read a RICBA book, please enter your Book Survey Information.  


Be sure to Submit your response!  Have Fun!





RICBA 2018 Book Trailers!

RICBA 2018 Book Trailers

Click the camera to visit the Chester Barrows Book Trailer Page created by Mrs. Rose, LMS.

RICBA 2018 Bookmark

Need a Bookmark?  Why not print the RICBA Nominee bookmark and keep it in your book.  You can always mark off the books you'd like to read, then check it off when you're done!

Click the medal to get the list/bookmark.

Many thanks to the OLIS librarians who formatted this!

Past RICBA Winners

The 2017 RICBA winning book was

Image result for raina telgemeier books


The 2016 RICBA winning book was

The 2015 RICBA winning book was 

Image result for mr lemoncello's library


The 2014 RICBA winning book was

Cover Art

The 2013 winning book was

The 2012 winning book was

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This page was created by Mrs. Gaiewsk, Teacher-Librarian, Orchard Farms School.  Some links and information were used with permission from Mrs. Rose / RICBA LibGuide, Chester Barrows School.